What to do in Skagway

Skagway has a lot of history and interesting things to do and see, so many I doubt many have been able to do it all. We have tried to help by listing some of the favorites that we can help you with. If you have something you'd like to do that's not listed we'll help get you pointed in the right direction.

White Pass & Yukon Route
White Pass and Yukon Route Railway Built in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush. Experience part of the past by taking the 3 hour Summit Excursion. Climb from sea level to almost 3000 ft. and view the spectacular scenery and see first hand the amazing obstacles that had to be overcome.

Fjord Express to Juneau
Take a day cruise and sight seeing adventure. Cruise down the Lynn Canal to Juneau, taking in the scenic route, watch whales and other marine wildlife. Tour the Capitol and Governor's Mansion, see up close the Mendenhal Glacier and do a little shopping before heading back to Skagway.

Days of '98 Show
Sit back and enjoy a little musical comedy of the days of Soapy Smith, with Can Can girls, singing, dancing and a lot of laughs.

The Klondike Gold Rush National Park
Has a visitor center with static displays, movies and a guided tour of several different sites and restored buildings through the Historic District.

Chilkat Cruises
Take a little time out and sail across the canal to Haines and visit there sites for part of the day or even all day.

Take advantage of everything that Skagway has to offer, here is a great list: